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Welcome to the PowerSkate Program! A specialized program designed to develop the power, speed, and agility of skaters. It focuses on refining skating techniques essential for hockey, ringette, and other power skating disciplines. With a curriculum meticulously crafted by experts, PowerSkate aims to elevate skaters’ performance on the ice through advanced skill development and training.

Can Power Skate

Fall 2024 PowerSkate

We are not running any PowerSkate Programs for the summer, and we will begin again in Fall of 2024

Why JoinPowerSkate?

Advanced Skills

Skaters develop advanced skating skills essential for competitive play, including quick starts, explosive acceleration, and tight turns.

Coordination and Balance

CanPowerSkate prepares skaters for the rigours of competitive hockey and ringette by refining their skating abilities and game-ready skills.

Structured Curriculum

The curriculum follows a progressive structure, emphasizing techniques that boosts skaters’ confidence both on the ice, contributing to overall athletic development.