Let us Introduce Ourselves

Welcome to Skate Windsor, also known as The Windsor Figure Skating Club, proudly standing as the longest-standing skating club in the Windsor area since its establishment on October 30, 1939.

With a rich history spanning over 75 years, Skate Windsor has consistently upheld its stellar reputation. Our CanSkate Learn to Skate programs serve as the foundation for cultivating ice skills in both boys and girls. Whether the goal is figure skating, hockey, speed skating, recreational skating, or simply enjoying the thrill of being on the ice, Skate Windsor has you covered.

Our CanSkate programs are officially sanctioned by Skate Canada and are spearheaded by a team of devoted and experienced coaches. Join us at Skate Windsor, where tradition meets innovation, and where the joy of skating is fostered with passion and expertise.


Skate Programs

Numerous participants from our CanSkate program seamlessly transition into Skate Windsor’s figure skater development initiatives, encompassing both competitive and recreational tracks. These programs align with the standards set by Skate Canada.

Furthermore, our CanSkate learn-to-skate programs have proven instrumental in helping skaters acquire essential forward, backward, and stopping skills, essential not only for figure skating but also for those keen on venturing into the dynamic world of hockey.


Our Vision

At Skate Windsor, we envision a dynamic community-driven not-for-profit organization that passionately promotes the instruction, practice, enjoyment, and advancement of all facets of ice skating. Guided by our nationally trained NCCP certified professional Coaches, we strive to create an inclusive and inspiring environment that fosters individual growth and collective achievement. Our vision is propelled forward by a dedicated Board of Directors comprised of enthusiastic volunteers, united in their commitment to the flourishing spirit of ice skating within our community.


Our Organization

Skate Windsor stands as the sole organization in Windsor officially registered as a sports club with Special Olympics Ontario. Our team of specially trained coaches is dedicated to fostering the long-term athletic development (LTAD) of skaters with intellectual disabilities.

Located at both Adie Knox Arena and Forest Glade Arena, Skate Windsor’s home spans across the west and east ends of the city, ensuring accessibility and providing a diverse range of program scheduling to cater to our community’s needs.

During the spring and summer months, when the City of Windsor reduces available skating surfaces, Skate Windsor seamlessly transitions its programs to the WFCU Centre, ensuring continuity and offering a consistent experience for participants.


Join our Family

Step into the Skate Windsor family, where the thrill of skating transforms into cherished memories and lifelong connections. Embrace the journey, discover your potential, and become part of a community that defines the joy of skating in a brand new way! Your adventure awaits on the ice with Skate Windsor.

Real Results

Unleash Your Potential on the Ice

In Canada, over six million people do up their skates annually. Through our inclusive programming, we encourage individuals to get involved and remain engaged for life. Our various programs cater to diverse age groups and skating abilities. Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate serve as our entry-level programs, focusing on imparting fundamental skating skills to children and youths.

CanPowerSkate is designed for skaters aged approximately six or older who already possess basic forward and backward skating skills (capable of skating the length of the rink using alternate strides) and can stop on command. After mastering these fundamentals, numerous options become available, including hockey, figure skating, speed skating, public skating, and more. Explore our programs to discover the one that suits you best!

Our Board of Directors

Meet the Minds Behind Skate Windsor

Welcome to Skate Windsor, where our passion for skating is fueled by a dedicated team of visionaries on our Board of Directors. These individuals bring a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and expertise to guide our organization toward new heights.

President- Angela Barraco

Treasurer- Kimberley Brown

Board Member- Anna Modestino

Board Member- Austin Liang

Board Member- Twinnie Zhang

Board Member- Nicole Antaya

Board Member- *Vacant

Test Chair- Angela Barraco

“Never underestimate the power of a dream. There will be obstacles, there will be doubters, but with hard work, resilience, and passion, anything is possible.”

Meagan Duhamel

Two-time World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist

“For me, skating isn’t just about winning or losing. It’s about pushing myself to be the best version of myself, both on and off the ice.”

Kaetlyn Osmond

World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist