StarSkate Competitions

In addition to tests, there are many invitational competitions available for STARSkaters. The eligibility for different levels of competition is usually based on test level and sometimes include an age qualification. Each competition will publish an “announcement” which will detail the level of events and qualifications (rules).

Western Ontario annually offers Western Ontario STARSkate Invitational Competition which is open to all STARSkaters in the Section. Skaters in the competitive stream are not eligible – please refer to the Western Ontario STARSkate Invitational competition announcement for eligibility requirements. Skaters may qualify from Western Ontario STARSkate Invitational Competition to the Trillium STARSkate Championships which is the Provincial level STARSkate Championships. Additional events such as the Interpretive and Triathlon are also offered at Western Ontario STARSkate Invitational Competition.

At Western Ontario STARSkate Invitational Competition, for skaters at the Juvenile level and up, certain restrictions are applied which excludes skaters from competing in the same discipline at both Sectionals and the STARSkate Championships. The rationale being that skaters who compete at Sectionals have entered the competitive stream and hence do not fit the objectives of the STARSkate program. Please Note: Competitive skaters are only those who intend to compete at Sectionals and higher at the Juvenile to Senior events during the current year. Pre Juvenile skaters are considered at the “pre competitive” level and are not limited to events at Western Ontario STARSkate Invitational Competition.