Operating as SKATE WINDSOR

RULES 2016/2017

Revised August 30, 2016

For All Skaters, Professionals and Parents

PreCanskate and CanSkate

1. A parent with a skater too young to be left unattended must remain in attendance in the stands during the entire session. Coaches and/or Program Assistants cannot take children off the ice for washroom breaks.

2. All skaters must wear a Name Badge. If a child attempts to enter the ice without a name badge, he/she will be asked to return to the registration table.

3. Prior to a skater getting off the ice, the skaters name tag is to be removed by a Coach or a Program Assistant. If your child comes off the ice early and they still have their name tag, please return the name tag to the registration table. NAME TAGS ARE NOT TO GO HOME.

4. Only Coaches, Program Assistants and registered skaters may step on the ice.

5. DO NOT STAND AT THE BOARDS. Parents please help your child onto the ice then proceed to the stands or the hallway. Standing at the boards tends to distract young skaters and removes their focus from the session you paid for.

6. Hockey helmets must be worn at all times on the PreCanskate and CanSkate sessions.

7. Perceived problems or questions regarding the session should be addressed to the Board Member in attendance.

8. All serious complaints must be made in writing and directed to the Board of Directors.

9. CanSkaters may “skate up or down” one level, only for one 15 minute lesson, a 5 minute warm-up would be allowed if needed, a skater is limited to only one 15 minute skate up or down. Prior permission must be obtained from a Board Member. A Coach may have only one skater on the ice at a time skating up or down. Coaches must remain with the skater for the entire time that the skater is on the ice.

10. No private lessons will be allowed on CanSkate.

11 The Windsor Figure Skating Club operating as Skate Windsor will NOT be responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged item or injury.

12 Test days for the CanSkate sessions occur approximately every 4 weeks with testing  as needed by coordinator.

General Rules

1. The gates to the ice must be kept closed when entering or exiting the ice surface.

2. Guest Skates: The Guest Skate Fee is  $25.00 per session up to one hour and 20 minutes, any session longer is a $40.00 per session (regardless of the length the skater skates) . Permission to guest skate must be obtained from a Board Member or designate and the Guest Skate Fee must be paid before going on the ice.

3. Guest skaters will be allowed on a session only if the session is not full. Guest Skaters will skate on the session appropriate to their test level and Skate Windsor’s session qualifications.

4. Skating up or down: A skater will be allowed to skate up or down one level for a total of 20 minutes for a lesson, this would include a 5 minute warm-up and 15 minute lesson. The skater must be under FULL COACHES SUPERVISION THE ENTIRE TIME. Permission must be obtained by a Board Member, if no board member is present than arrangements should be made prior. A skater may skate up or down one level.

5. In order for a skater to skate up on a combined Intermediate/Senior session a Junior skater must have passed a Preliminary Skate Canada test.

6. The dressing rooms must be kept neat and clean.

7. NO FOOD, GUM, CANDY OR BEVERAGES of any kind are to be consumed on the ice by skaters. Water in plastic bottles may be kept and consumed at the boards. Skaters should wear appropriate skating attire. Please avoid wearing anything which could fall on the ice (scarves, hairpins or loose headbands).

8. All jackets, mitts, Kleenex, etc must be removed from the boards before every flood.

9. All skaters should stay clear of anyone having a lesson.

10. If a skater falls on the ice, he/she should get up as quickly as possible. If a skater is injured he/she is to stay there until a qualified person (usually a Coach) attends to him/her. Lying on the ice for any reason other than injury creates a serious safety hazard and will not be tolerated.

11. Horseplay will not be tolerated on the ice, if this occurs the individual will be asked to leave the ice.

12. Displays of anger, foul language, or intimidation will not be tolerated by any person during any skating session on or off the ice.

13. Ice Courtesy will be observed by all persons on the ice at all times.

14. Serious issues or concerns must be addressed to the Board of Directors in writing.

15. Pairs Skaters will be limited to Senior open sessions only

Ice Courtesy

Ice courtesy is the art of sharing the ice. This practice allows skaters to get the maximum benefit from their time on the ice with the least interference and frustration for all. Here are some examples:

1. When a new piece of music starts, all persons on the ice should look around to see whose music is playing and make a practice of staying out of their path.

2. Always be aware of who is receiving a lesson and steer clear.

3. Skaters just stroking, should try to make way for those who are obviously preparing to jump, spin, or are performing a segment of their program.

4. Skaters approaching each other from opposite directions should alter their paths slightly so that each knows where the other is going. Done properly, no one has to slow down or lose time restarting a jump.

5. All skaters should keep their heads up and be aware of the skaters around them. This should prevent skaters from interfering with others about to perform a jump or field move.

6. All those on the ice should avoid lingering in the “Lutz” corners. This is the longest jump to set up, and the skater cannot look behind him/her immediately before the jump. Skaters taking a rest should step off the ice.

7. Do not skate close to Spins. It is unfair to expect a person performing a spin to avoid a collision. The person who skates too close might be surprised by the spinning person choosing that moment to exit their spin, causing a collision or contact with a skate blade.

8. Coaches should be aware of other lessons on the ice and try not to interfere with each others’ lessons.

9. Private Group lessons (a coach teaching more than one of his/her students at one time) will be allowed at the discretion of the Ice Captain but must not interfere with other skaters. The Coach may send only one skater at a time to perform any free skate move.

10. The right of way is as follows:

a. Any Skater having their music played.

b. Skater on a Lesson.

c. Everyone else.

Skills Sessions (not available)

1. Skills only shall be practiced on these sessions.

2. Skills lessons only shall be given on these sessions.

3. Those not working on their Skills must leave the ice.

Dance Sessions(not available)

1. Skaters must Dance on the Dance Sessions. Those not dancing must leave the ice.

2. Free Dances or other dances which do not conform to the normal counter clockwise skating pattern must be performed only on Open Skating Sessions.

3. The right of way is as follows:

a. Skater dancing with the music

b. Dance lessons

c. Other Dancers

Can Power (not available)

1. Must be dressed in full hockey attire.

2. Only hockey skates allowed.

3. Need to know how to skate forwards, backwards, stop and turn.

Adult Learn to Skate 

This session is intended for Adult Skaters only, over the age of 18. Hockey or figure skates allowed. All skater’s must wear Hockey helmets.

Edge/ Turn/ Stroking/ Field Move Sessions

1. All skaters on the ice must participate in the group lesson.

2. There will be no private lessons taught during these sessions.

Pre-StarSkate Sessions

The Pre-StarSkate session is an introduction to Figure Skating. It is the beginning of the StarSkate program. A pre-StarSkate skater should have a minimum of their level 4 badge. If a CanSkate skater is recommended that they move to a Pre-StarSkate session during the season, the parent or Coach must speak to a Board Member prior to changing session/s for approval. All General Rules and Ice Courtesy must be followed. At the beginning of the season and throughout, a Coach will go over the General Rules and Ice Courtesy with all Pre-StarSkaters and StarSkate 1 skaters; this will help all skaters to understand what should happen on the ice so we can keep everyone safe and allow everyone to enjoy the sessions.

StarSkate 1 and 2 Sessions

1. Figure skates must be worn on these sessions.

2. Power skating type lessons will not be allowed on these sessions


Level Requirements for StarSkate 1

A StarSkate 1 skater must be working on or passed their Preliminary FreeSkate, Dance or Skills. Any skater who has passed any Skate Canada test, and does not meet the requirements for the StarSkate 2 must register as a StarSkate 1.

Level Requirements for StarSkate 2 Sessions

A StarSkate 2 skater must have passed their complete Senior Bronze FreeSkate or have their complete Junior Bronze FreeSkate and both of the following: complete Senior Bronze Dances and Senior Bronze Skills.

For further information please email us at or contact Angela at 519-979-1376