Skills, Test, Achievement, and Recognition – this is what Pre-STARSkate is all about!


Pre-STARSkate is an advancement from the CanSkate program. Skater can enter this program once they have almost completed Stage 4 on CanSkate. The design of this program is to introduce parents and skaters to the more individualized training of  figure skating. It is a great way to develop a skater’s skill while participating in a group lesson along with time to practice the new skills.   To help develop the skater’s skill  private instruction from one of the club’s professional coaches may begin at this time. A skater can hire a coach to participate in the Pre-STARSkate program. You can learn more about the coaches, by clicking herePrior to choosing a coach, you can meet with the coach one-on-one  and/or view one of their coaching sessions to see if he/she is the one for you! Our coaches will work with the skater to provide not only the highest quality of instruction but also provide assessments and recommendations on their progression into the realm of figure skating.

One must have figure skates to participate in the Pre-STARSkate Program.  After time spent in this program the natural progression would be to enter Skate Canada’s STARSkate and Competitive programs offered. To learn more click here.

For further information please email us at or contact Angela at 519-979-1376