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For information about the BEST CanSkate (learn to skate) Program CLICK HERE

Our FALL/WINTER Canskate Program will be offered at:

Forest Glade Arena and Adie Knox Arena  

REGISTER ON LINE, EMAIL US at skatewindsor@yahoo.ca

OR CALL ANGELA 519 979-1376 

PreCanskate is our learn to skate program for skaters 3-4 years of age and our Canskate program is our learn to skate program for 5 years of age an older.

CANPowerSkate is for skaters who are interested in improving their power skating skills and who already have the following skills: skating forwards, backwards, stop and cross cuts.

PReSTARSkate is begining figure skating program for skater who are working on stage 4 and have interest in figure skating skills


Skate Windsor  Program Schedule and cost for 1 day a week running  from September 12th, 2022 to March 26th, 2023 for 25 weeks

CanSkate  Mondays-Adie Knox Arena 6:10pm-7:00pm $430

Sept 12- Mar 20
*** *** *** ***

CanSkate  Tuesdays-Forest Glade Arena 6:10pm-7:00pm $470

PreSTARSkate Tuesdays– Forest Glade Arena 5:10pm-6:10pm $480

Sept 13- Mar 21

*** *** *** ***

CANPowerSkate**FridaysForest Glade Arena 7:10pm-8:00pm $320

Oct 14- Dec 16

*** *** *** ***

PreCanskate A Saturdays– Forest Glade Arena 11:25am- 11:55pm $390-FULL

PreCanskate B Saturdays– Forest Glade Arena 11:55am- 12:25pm $390

CanSkate Saturdays– Forest Glade Arena 12:25pm-1:15pm $470

PreSTARSkate Saturdays– Forest Glade Arena 1:25pm-2:45pm $510

Sept 17- Mar 25

*** *** *** ***

PreCanskate B Saturday FALL -Forest Glade Arena Sept 17- Dec 17th $240

CanSkate Saturdays FALL– Forest Glade Arena Sept 17- Dec 17th $280

*** *** *** ***

Adult Skate Saturdays– Forest Glade Arena 2:00pm-2:45pm $390

Oct 15- Mar 18

*** *** *** ***

Canskate A Sundays– Forest Glade Arena 11:55am- 12:45pm $470

Canskate B Sundays– Forest Glade Arena 12:45pm- 1:35pm $470

Sept 18- Mar 26

*** *** *** ***

CanSkate A or B Sundays FALL– Forest Glade Arena Sept 18- Dec 18th $280

Multiple Day Packages are available

*These prices do not include the Skate Canada Fee of $45 per skater if applicable           

Skate Windsor is the only organization in the Windsor area that does not charge an additional fee for a payment made by credit card

Payment plans are available, please ask

For further information please email us at skatewindsor@yahoo.ca or contact Angela at 519-979-1376

Megan holding hands with CanSkater