Fall/Winter STARSkate Prices

Fall/Winter STARSkate Program Prices

Our STARSkate Programs begin Tuesday September 3, 2019

STARSkate 1 Full Package – $1040*
(4 days a week)

STARSkate 2 Full Package– $1090*
(4 days a week)

Partial Package Prices

STARSkate 1 Prices*:

Mondays – $380

Tuesdays – $400**

Fridays – $390

Saturdays – $420**

STARSkate 2 Prices*:

Mondays – $380

Tuesdays – $390

Fridays – $390

Saturdays – $380

*These prices do not include the Skate Canada Fee of $45 per skater

Group lesson will be provided on Tuesday and Saturday STARSkate 1 sessions 

The test requirements for Skate Windsor STARSkate sessions are:

 STARSkate 1:  must have a private coach

STARSkate 2:  Must have passed the complete senior bronze freeskate test or

junior bronze freeskate test plus both Senior bronze dances and Senior Bronze Skills

For Home Club Registered Members Only

 Those whose Home Club is Skate Windsor and wish to register for less than full packages can take advantage of the following deal:

Choose 2 days and a 15% discount will apply.  Choose 3 days and 20% discount will apply. 

Please contact Angela if you require any further information at 519-979-1376 or email us at skatewindsor@yahoo.ca