Fall/Winter Pricing/Program Date/Times

Program 2022/2023 Days of Week Offered Session       Times Cost for 1 day
PreCanskate Mondays-AdieKnox Arena 6:30pm-7:00pm Fall $240    Winter$210
PreCanskate Saturdays-Forest Glade Arena 11:45am-12:15pm Fall $260    Winter$230
PreCanskate Saturdays-Forest Glade Arena 11:45am-12:15pm Fall $260    Winter$230
Adult learn to skate Saturdays-Forest Glade Arena 2:00pm-2:45pm Fall $260    Winter$230
CanSkate/Precanskate Mondays-Adie Knox Arena 6:10pm-7:00pm Fall $280           Winter $230
CanSkate Tuesdays-Forest Glade Arena 6:10pm-7:00pm Fall $300            Winter $250
CanSkate Saturdays-Forest Glade Arena 12:25pm-1:15pm Fall $280           Winter $270
CanSkate A or B Sundays-Forest Glade Arena 11:55am-12:45pm Fall $280      Winter $270
Pre-STARSkate Mondays-Adie Knox Arena 5:30pm-6:30pm Fall $385  Winter $250
Pre-STARSkate Tuesdays-Forest Glade Arena 5:10pm-6:10pm Fall $305   Winter $270
Pre-STARSkate Saturdays-Forest Glade Arena 1:25pm-2:45pm Fall $330       Winter $300

Multiple Day Packages for  Full season

CanSkate 2 days a week : $685

Pre-StarSkate 2 days a week : $700

Prices do not include the annual Skate Canada Fee of $45 per skater. 


Family Discount

Register a second skater in the same family and get a 15% discount on the second skater’s program price.  Save 20% on the program price for the third and subsequent skaters.  The discount is applied to the lowest priced program and cannot be applied to the Skate Canada Fee.


Any and all cancellations have been taken into consideration in the prices listed.

Program Start and End Dates

Monday CanSkate

Fall Session  begins Monday Sept 12, 2022 and ends Monday December 19, 2022

Winter Session  begins Monday January 9, 2023 and ends Monday March 20, 2023

Tuesday CanSkate and Pre-StarSkate

Fall Session  begins Tuesday Sept 13, 2022 and ends Tuesday December 20, 2022

Winter Session begins Tuesday January  10, 2023 and ends Tuesday March  21, 2023

Saturday PreCanskate / CanSkate / and Pre-StarSkate

Fall Session  begins Saturday Sept 17, 2022 and ends Saturday December 17, 2022

Winter Session begins Saturday Jan 7, 2023 and ends Saturday March 25, 2023

Sunday CanSkate

Fall Session  begins Sunday Sept 18, 2022 and endsSunday December 26, 2022

Winter Session  begins Monday January 8, 2023 and ends Monday March 26, 2023


Fall Session  begins Friday Oct  14, 2022 and ends Friday December 16, 2022

PLEASE CONTACT ANGELA AT 519-979-1376 OR E-MAIL US AT skatewindsor@yahoo.ca

Skate Windsor is not responsible for any facility closures.

 Skate Windsor’s CanSkate programs are sanctioned by Skate Canada and led by dedicated, experienced coaches with assistance from trained Program Assistants.