Summer Canskate Schedule/Pricing.

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CanSkate ( Learn to Skate) Summer  Program schedule

 July 2, 2019 – August 28, 2019

PROGRAMS START DATES:  Monday July 8, 2019, Tuesday July 2rd, 2019  and Wednesday July 3rd 2019 for  PreCanskate and Canskate.


 PreCanskate 6:20 p.m.–7:10 p.m.

Canskate 6:20 p.m.–7:10 p.m.


 PreCanskate 6:20 p.m.– 7:10 p.m.

Canskate 6:20 p.m.–7:10 p.m.


 PreCanskate 6:20 p.m.-7:10 p.m.

Canskate 6:20 p.m.–7:10 p.m.

**Monday Session is 7 weeks due to no skating on July 2nd and Aug 5th due to holiday**

Summer CanSkate Program Prices:

REGISTER BEFORE JUNE 30th and pay $155 for one day, $265 for 2 day program and $355 for 3 day program

The following prices do not include the Skate Canada Fee of $ 40, if applicable.


Tuesday or Wednesday(9 weeks) price

Monday (7 weeks)program price



2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday)price

2 days (Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday ) program price



 3 day

program price


**EARLY BIRD PRICE for Monday $120, Two day program price Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday Price is $240**

Skate Windsor accepts Cheques, Cash or Credit Card which include Visa, Mastercard or American Express . Any non-clearing cheques will be charged $35.

For further information please email us at or contact Angela at 519-979-1376